It isn't that hard to get into reverse. You may need to have your linkage adjusted. I had the short shifter and it went in fine with one hand. I found it best to give the knob a good smack toward you. The real problem with the rear diffuser is it works really, really well and will suck gravel off the road and throw it… » 1/26/15 6:21pm Monday 6:21pm

The beauty of the 05-06 GT was that it came from the factory with 550hp but it was EASY to add an extra 100hp and and had a boatload of low end torque. It made it a unique driving experience compared to any of its European contemporaries. You could lug around in 4th gear and just give it the stick from 1000rpm and it… » 1/12/15 1:38pm 1/12/15 1:38pm

So you pussed out DeMuro and didn't include any pics of those hideous headlights? Scared it would turn people away from your story because they are so awful? Not cute like a poorly drawn puppy or even just off-putting like a bottom 50%er. Those headlights are hideous and you know it. » 12/02/14 6:38pm 12/02/14 6:38pm

I went to price a GTI on the site yesterday and was astonished to find that I couldn't build and price the car I wanted. Major flaw. If I can build and price, it wasn't obvious to me how I could do it. I thought it might be because the model was new and it wasn't an option yet. I checked other models and had the same… » 9/04/14 10:47am 9/04/14 10:47am

My thoughts... This thing is too heavy. Wish it was closer to 1400 lbs. 1700 lbs is just too much for a minimalist car like this. Seems like that engine and trans saddled it with a lot of weight. For reference I built cars with 4 wheels and a V8 that came in right under 2000 lbs. The front fenders seem to be way too… » 7/28/14 1:34pm 7/28/14 1:34pm